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30 universally accessible units will be available to households earning 30% AMI or below. 

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HUD 811 Application Information

30 universally accessible units for households with individuals experiencing intellectual or developmental disabilities earning under 30% AMI.

These units will have Section 811 Rental Assistance and the prescreening eligibility criteria for these units can be found in this link. The Section 811 PRA program provides rental assistance beyond 30% of the household gross income.

  • The pre-leasing waitlist for these units opened on February 7, 2022 and is managed by Oregon Housing and Community Services (OHCS). A list of OHCS’ Section 811 PRA Properties is found here.

    Want on the waitlist for one of these units? Follow these steps:

  1. You will need to apply with two forms, a Pre-Screening Eligibility Checklist and a Section 811 Application, which will both need a Referring Agent’s signature on each form, verifying disability. See note below about the Referring Agent.

  2. These two forms are in the links below and need to be emailed to or mailed to 725 Summer St. Ste. B, Salem, 97301.

  3. Pre-screening Eligibility Checklist

  4. Section 811 Application. It is also available in Spanish.

If Approved, you will be added to the waitlist and notified via email of this approval. You will be emailed or mailed a notification letter if rejected or denied.

  • When the unit becomes available to your spot on the waitlist, you will be contacted by property management staff to schedule an Intake Appointment, which will include:

    1. The full screening application

    2. Income certification

    3. Other information needed to complete the application.


Note about Referring Agents: Applicants will need a Referring Agent who can certify your eligibility and application to OHCS as these units will have Section 811 Project Rental Assistance (PRA).

  • If a potential applicant is already receiving supportive services, please contact your Case Manager, Personal Agent or assigned provider to see if you are eligible for a referral and if they can be a Referring Agent for the Section 811 PRA program.
  • If a potential applicant is not receiving services, please contact your local Brokerage to find an agency that is closest to your current living situation to enroll in services and find a Referring Agent for the Section 811 PRA program.

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